Sustainable Travel

Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

Sunsai Tours is committed to sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit—its environment, culture, and heritage, and the well being of its residents. In providing authentic travel experiences, we strive to support the local economies in our choice of services.
For example, the main goal of our visit at the Kulen National Park, is to preserve the natural habitat for wildlife on Kulen Mountain by providing local communities an alternative income from tourism rather than relying on poaching and logging. The trail was set up by the Ministry of Environment in tandem with various NGO’s and selected tour operators based in Siem Reap.
With Sunsai Tours you will gain a better insight into the life and history of the Cambodian people. We will show you a country that has endured so much yet has so much to give. On our journeys we support local artisans by including visits to their schools and workshops to show you the origins of Khmer arts, crafts and spirituality. Many of the techniques applied by artists, craftsmen and religious practitioners have been handed down from one generation to the next over the course of thousands of years. Many of these techniques are still being used today in Cambodia. While on tour, our friendly guides share their knowledge of the culture, history and countryside, so that you can gain a better understanding of the real Cambodian way of life. We take you to places most tourists never see and strongly believe this is the best way for you to get a proper insight of the country and its people.
When you travel with us, you directly support our grantees and explorers, who work to preserve species and ecosystems, and protect and conserve the Khmer heritage and culture.

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